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Fish Creek Spinners Pennsylvania Brook TroutFish Creek Spinners Large Mouth Bass
Fish Creek Spinners New Mexico Tiger MuskieFish Creek Spinners Walleye
Fish Creek Spinners Denmark Brown Trout Fish Creek Spinners Angola, Africa King Fish

Exceptional Fishing Tackle

Check the Facebook page for current 'Spinner of the Week' promotion codes.

Fish Creek Spinners designs and builds a complete range of fishing spinner models in a variety of unique designs, appealing to both Freshwater and Saltwater species.

We began making spinners on Colorado's front range in 1998, and have recently relocated the family and business to Wisconsin, to be closer to extended family and return to the State where I grew up. Squeeky snow, popping trees, biting cold and plenty of fresh water and fish, year round!

I've been making and selling our spinners since 1998, 17 years of brand refinement, new target species, and plenty of design variety.

Our designs offer alternatives by weight, size, color, and blade styles. This will not change, however, the new location brings new wholesale markets and different angler influences, which is very exciting!

Most Models option hook, blade, or skirt choices - Trebles or Singles, Bait rigs, Barbless and Weedless hooks are also available as choices - adaptable to your preference, near Custom capability.

Fishing Spinner Models are classified by size (Small, Medium, Large) or Type (Walleye Fishing, Spinnerbaits, Assortments). I recommend the assortments, they offer collections of spinners organized by design or color set at reduced prices.

The Fishing spinners range in weights from the ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly for Brook and Cutthroat trout in streams and beaver ponds, to the heavier 2+oz Double Bites and Zonker Spinnerbaits.

Whether you're fishing step across streams, rainbow trout in fast white water chutes, or Tidal Salmon, Sea-Trout and Steelhead in Western rivers or Great Lakes tributaries - Fish Creek Spinners has a product for you.

The 2+oz Double Bite is our largest spinner, fished for Muskie, Pike and Saltwater species. It also offers hook, skirt color, and blade style choices.

The anglers and fish in the table to the right and on the Fish Photo page, were all caught on FCS spinners. Spinners have been sold in all States across the country and many countries around the globe - in South Dakota, New Mexico, Washington, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, California, and Denmark, Herzegovina, Russia, Germany, Canada, England, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Japan. All states, and many countries in five of seven Continents.

The website is organized by spinner size or target species. Each page elaborates on the models in the group, providing specifics and unique characteristics. Be prepared to see a lot of spinners and fish that have been caught on them!

These are productive fishing spinners that catch trout, perch, walleye, pike, muskie, bass, panfish, and all other stream, river and lake or reservoir fish species that chase and strike fishing spinners.

Anglers like you, fishing Fish Creek Spinners in your favorite rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams help to support and promote our brand - Cast by Cast.

Thank-you and keep casting!

Get'em wet and send us a fish photo for free spinners! We track customers locations! Bookmark our site, and come back soon.

Enjoy and Respect the Outdoors!

Exceptional hand crafted fishing spinners for your best fishing adventures.

Fish Creek Spinners ultralite fishing spinners

Our ultralite spinner models range from the tiny 1/30oz beaded fire fly up to a variety of 1/10oz weight spinners.

This Category has eight models with 208 variations of different blade styles and colors - Colorado, Indiana, French and painted propellers.

The Ultralite spinners are used in streams, ponds and smaller waters, catching trout of all species, panfish, perch, crappie and rock bass.

Models vary by blade, component and hook styles.

Ultralite Spinners (Weight Range 1/30oz - 1/10oz)
Fire Flies
Eye Catchers
Fire Ants
10 Choices
16 Choices
28 Choices
28 Choices
Fish Creek Spinners 1/30oz Fire Fly
FCS 1/16oz Eye Catcher
FCS 1/12oz NitroMite
FCS 1/10oz Fire Ant
Small Armadillos
Hot Rods
Quad Prop
48 Choices
22 Choices
32 Choices
FCS 1/10oz Small Armadillo
FCS 1/10oz Hot Rod
FCS 1/10oz Quad Prop

Medium Fish Creek Spinners MVP fishing spinners

The Fish Creek Spinners medium weight spinner category contains our best selling models.

Glass and Metal Armadillo's, Inline Angle Irons, and June Bug Transformers.

There are 8 models in these weight ranges and 179 color/blade choices. They catch trout, salmon, perch, walleye, bass and panfish.

New designs and fresh alternatives to the legacy mass marketed fishing spinners.

Medium Spinners (Weight Range 1/8oz - 1/4oz)
Glass Armadillos
Glow Spinners
Glass Armadillos
27 Variations
8 Variations
18 Variations
24 Variations
FCS 1/8oz Glass Armadillo
FCS 1/10oz Glow Spinner
FCS 1/5oz June Bug Transformer
FCS 1/5oz Glass Armadillo
Metal Armadillos
Angle Irons
Glass Armadillo
19 Variations
29 Variations
24 Variations
FCS 1/5oz Metal Armadillo
FCS 1/4oz Angle Iron
FCS 1/4oz Glass Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners Large fishing spinners

Large Fish Creek Spinners models, range from the 1/3oz Metal Armadillo used for salmon, up to our largest spinner, the 2+oz Double Bite Skirted Armadillo, catching muskie, pike and Saltwater species.

These spinners catch large predatory fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

The 1/3oz Armadillo at the bottom of the large category is very popular and productive catching West Coast Sea Run Salmon.(It's the Noise!).

The 2/3oz Skirted June Bug spinner is new, but based on my seasoned impression of it's profile in the water, it's one of a kind, future MVP material. June Bug blades top the stack in 'unique'. The brace built into the blade adds support, this results in a fixed angle of rotation, consistent strobe, and very reliable rotation at slow retrieve speeds and speed changes. Couple that with a fanout silicon skirt and dressed Zonker treble for drag, and you got a big predatory fish catcher. Just sayin!

Double Bites are strung on heavier .051 gauge stainless wire and have larger hooks, blades, and body components. Components that add extra weight and endurance to match the challenges of heavier and more aggressive fish.

These large fishing spinners are Muskie fishing spinners, Pike Fishing Spinners, King Salmon fishing spinners, Chinook Salmon fishing spinners, Chum Salmon fishing spinners and also work well as Saltwater fishing spinners when rigged with Stainless hooks.

Large Spinners (Weight Range 1/3oz - 2+oz)
Metal Armadillos
June Bugs
Double Bites
16 Variations
28 Variations
30 Variations
FCS 1/3oz Metal Armadillo
FCS 2/3oz June Bug Armadillo
FCS 2oz+ Large Armadillo

Fish Creek Spinners by Type fishing spinners

Walleye Fishing Rigs and Spinners

Fish Creek Spinners 1/16 oz Walleye Spinner Walleye caught on 1/10oz Walleye Spinner
South Dakota Walleye on FCS RigSouth Dakota Walleye on FCSSouth Dakota Walleye on FCS

The Walleye bait rigs are new this year and catching many nice fish in northern waters.

The Bullseye rigs are the newest of the new. These added a swivel attached Mustad slow death crawler hook.

Other rigs have bait harnesses with double circle hooks, aberdeens, or offset steelhead singles. A variety of sizes are available.

These rigs also been catching northerns, perch and trout.

4 ft Walleye Bullseye Bait Rig fishing spinner

4 ft 1/16oz Walleye bait rig fishing spinner

Other unique bait rigs

32in Trolling Cowbell flasher Category

Ice Fishing Category

Free Spinners for Fish Picture slideshow

Fish Creek Spinners underwater hydrophone noise recordings

These pictures will help to get a sense of our products, but to really appreciate their craftsmanship and effectiveness, you'll need to get some in your hands and on your fishing lines!

To learn more about us, you can browse the website using the fishing links on the left or the links in the table above. Most fishing spinners models have multiple selection groups.

Bring a few of our spinners along to get wet on your next fishing, camping, or back-country hiking adventure! We have fishing products for stream fishing, river fishing, and lake fishing. Whether you enjoy wading, bank fishing or boating and trolling, you should find something unique that you and your family can enjoy.

Anglers looking for Mischief

Our fishing spinners and spinnerbaits are made in Colorado (production soon beginning in Wisconsin!) from components purchased from US companies. We feature a lot of faceted glass in countless fish attracting colors. Glass is highly reflective and made from sand. We exploit its reflective properties, protecting it with metal components to increase spinner noise and vibration. Fish notice these spinners.

More fishing spinner components = more fish attracting noise.

Look around, have some fun and bookmark our site!

Fishing success photo slideshow

Anglers shown in the slideshow returned fishing pictures from favorite waters in Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennesee, Pennsylvania, New York and Denmark.

The Get on the Map link, list retail and online customer locations around the world.
FCS Fishing success slideshow Fishing FCS in Ponds, Streams, Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Tidal waters around the world and catching Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Sunfish, Crappie, Largemouth Bass,Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Fallfish, Salmon, Muskies and Pike.

Popular FCS spinners included Armadillos, Nitromites, AngleIrons, and Hotrods.

Try some FCS your next trout fishing trip and see for yourself!

Many of the familiar inline spinners have 6 to 8 components; the FCS Armadillo has fourteen (14) components and the Quad Prop has eighteen (18). Thats a significant difference. As a result, FCS spinners are noisier on the line. The added components wobble and vibrate as the blade rotates and collides around them when the spinner is retrieved or trolled during your trout fishing adventures.

Brown Trout caught on Fish Creek Spinners ArmadilloTrout 'are' getting smarter and the familiar mass marketed spinner that they have seen hundreds of times in their life, doesn't work as well as it once did. Larger fish are likely to have been caught and released many times in a season and it's been observed they don't budge when the same familiar lure cruises by, several times a day. Fish are bored and getting older because we catch and release them. FCS spinners tip their scales back in our favor; a different and noisy alternative to employ during your next fishing adventure!

The FCS presence is expanding around the world, cast by cast thanks to your interest, purchases and reorders!

Feelin' Social?

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Fish Creek Spinners Contact Information

Email or call us with questions or feedback.

Phone information - Mobile (303) 949-9174

Email Address -

Send us an inquiry for special wholesale pricing or to make arrangements for a special order.

We're small, friendly, and adaptive and will be happy to stock your fishing department with wholesale spinners or accommodate your unique request or custom order.

If you can have questions or comments please contact us by e-mail at address: