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Double Bite Fish Creek Spinners

3oz Double Bite Armadillo skirted Muskie Fishing Spinner

Fish Creek Spinners 3oz Double Bite Skirted Metal Armadillo
Jack Crevelle caught in Angola on Fish Creek Spinners 3oz Double Bite Skirted Metal Armadillo

The 3oz Double Bite Skirted Metal Armadillo is our largest fishing spinner and new this year. It's made for predatory fish like Musky, Tiger Fish, and all other large fish that strike spinners. They're new this year, but off to a great start; sold coast to coast and even fished on other continents. I'm very proud of this large double blade model. The body is strung on .051 in stainless wire and assembled from 9/32 inch nickel plated solid brass beads. Beads are painted with powder coat paint and baked to provide a durable finish. Sixteen blade and color variations are available by dropdown choice. See the 2oz version for pictures. Double Silicon Starflash Skirts provide lots big fish attracting combinations. The Double #8 or #9 blades are .040in gauge Gold or Nickel. This blades chop some water and will create a wake over weedbeds, if retrieved with your rod tip raised. Colorado, Indiana, French and Fluted Indiana blades choices are available. Double Silicon Starflash skirts hide banded zonker treble hooks from #1/0 up to size #5/0. If you have the tackle to handle the big lures, you'll be very happy with this spinner models' performance.

2oz Double Bite Armadillo skirted Muskie Fishing Spinner

These pictures will help to get a sense of our products, but to really appreciate their craftsmanship and effectiveness, you'll need to get some in your hands and on your fishing lines!

To learn more about us, you can browse the website using the fishing links on the left or the links in the table above. Most fishing spinners models have multiple selection groups.

Bring a few of our spinners along to get wet on your next fishing, camping, or back-country hiking adventure! We have large fishing products for fresh and saltwater fishing, river fishing, and lake or reservoir fishing. Whether you enjoy wading, bank fishing or boating and trolling, you should find something unique that you and your family can enjoy.

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