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Fish Creek Spinners Medium June Bug Transformers

1/8oz June Bug Transformer fishing spinner

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz June Bug Transformer Fishing spinner Largemouth Bass caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Junebug Transformer

The 1/8oz June Bug Transformer is new this year and off to an impressive start. The June Bug blade has been around along time, but the transformer is the first Fish Creek Spinner model to use it.

June Bug blades don't use a clevis, they thread on the wire similar to an Inline blade, except this blade has two points of contact on the stainless wire. The perpendicular brace provides a unique fixed angle of rotation, allowing the blade to rotate at very slow retrieval speeds.

Another interesting development on this model is the zonker banded hook. This is also a new discovery this year. The model's called a Transformer because the hooks are attached with a slip R bend that seats inside the big tail bead. This connection method allows hook colors and types to be changed or replaced.

We've gotten a ton of email positive feedback on the model's performance, it's slow retrieval speeds and the zonker banded hooks, but we still some need more pictures!