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Fish Creek Spinners Skirted June Bug fishing spinner

2/3oz June Bug Armadillo salmon fishing spinner

Fish Creek Spinners 2/3oz June Bug Skirted Armadillo fishing spinner Need a Fish Picture for the Glow Spinners

The 2/3oz June Bug Skirted Armadillo is a late arrival this season. It didn't get much time on the market or in the water and no fish pictures were returned. No worries, on this one!

The spinner has a couple unique attributes that should jump start it's success, next season.

First, the large June Bug blade has two points of rotation along the wire. The blade's perpendicular brace provides a fixed angle of rotation and a very unique reflective strobe. The fixed axis points also enable fixed rotation at very very slow speeds. Starting ad stopping frequently, gives the silicon skirt and zonker strips time to swell and compress in a fish enticing pulse.

The second feature is the split ring attached zonker banded treble hooks. The zonker strips are extremely fluid and full of motion when wet. The split ring positions the hooks at the break in the skirt, waving back and forth as retrieved. Finally, the split ring enables Hooks to be switched out or replaced to change zonker colors.

These pictures will help to get a sense of our products, but to really appreciate their craftsmanship and effectiveness, you'll need to get some in your hands and on your fishing lines!

To learn more about us, you can browse the website using the fishing links on the left or the links in the table above. Most fishing spinners models have multiple selection groups.

Bring a few of our spinners along to get wet on your next fishing, camping, or back-country hiking adventure! We have large fishing products for fresh and saltwater fishing, river fishing, and lake or reservoir fishing. Whether you enjoy wading, bank fishing or boating and trolling, you should find something unique that you and your family can enjoy.

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