The Fish Creek Spinners Medium category fishing spinners are productive for trout, perch, bass, panfish, and all other stream, river and lake or reservoir fish species that chase fishing spinners. Enjoy your visit, bookmark the site, and come back often!
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Fish Creek Spinners Medium Fishing Spinners

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1/8oz Glass Armadillo
1/10oz Glow Spinner
1/5oz June Bug Transformer
1/8oz Bullseye
Glass Armadillos
Metal Armadillos
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Glass Armadillo
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1/5oz Glass Armadillo
1/5oz Metal Armadillo
1/4oz Angle Iron
1/4oz Glass Armadillo

Medium Fish Creek Spinners MVP fishing spinners

The Fish Creek Spinners medium weight spinner category contains our best selling models.

Glass and Metal Armadillo's, Inline Angle Irons, and June Bug Transformers. The models in these weight ranges catch trout, salmon, perch, walleye, bass and panfish.

These spinners introduce glass and friction disks as new fishing spinner body components. Glass is a natural material, highly reflective, and available in a large variety of colors.

Friction disks are game changer, they wobble and collide with the blade, protecting the glass, while creating noise and added vibration.

New designs and fresh alternatives - Viva le'diferance! Try some and Get'em Wet!

1/4oz Glass Armadillo Salmon fishing spinner

Three glass armadillo models cover a lot of water. Historically, the 1/8oz has more anglers using it, but the 1/5 and 1/4 oz models are catching up. These fishing spinners were first sold late in the 2011 fishing season and are becoming popular for fishing on larger rivers and shore fishing.

Made with highly reflective glass separated by metal friction discs, these spinners are an excellent extension to the Armadillo design.

The metal discs protect the glass and cause friction and vibration as they collide and rub against the blade during rotation. Fish take notice and chase these spinners.

Hook Choices are available during shopping, including barbless treble hooks.

Try a few in your favorite colors and get them wet in your favorite waters.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Glass Armadillo Brown Trout caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Glass Armadillo

1/4oz Angle Iron multi-species fishing spinner

The Angle Iron is currently our only Inline blade spinner. Its 1/4oz weight makes it a favorite in windy climates (like Wyoming) or in fast turbulent waters.

Fish Creek Spinners Angle Irons use #4 Inline blades; Brass, Gold, Nickel and Black Nickel (my favorite).

These fishing spinners catch all fish of all species and are a favorite out East for Smallmouth bass.

The inline blade provides a thumping noise, different from clevis blades and propellers. You can listen to the differences on the Noise page. Scroll down to find the Angle Iron.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Angle Iron Inline spinner North Carolina Smallie caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/4oz Angle Iron

1/5oz Metal Armadillo multi-species fishing spinner

The Metal Armadillo is favorite of mine, bringing added weight to the Armadillo design.

This models 1/5oz weight makes for a nice precision cast in larger rivers and lakes. Another favorite in windy climates or in fast turbulent waters.

Fish Creek Spinners Metal Armadillos use #4 Fluted Indiana blades. Solid Nickel coated solid brass Body beads are heated and dipped in Powder Coat paint, then baked to a durable finish.

The fluted Indiana blades collide with the metal friction discs during rotation as the discs rock back and forth on the stainless axis wire. You can listen to the differences on the Noise page. Scroll down to find the Metal Armadillo.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Metal Armadillo fishing spinner Colorado River Brown Trout caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Metal Armadillo

1/5oz Glass Armadillo multi-species fishing spinner

The 1/5oz Glass Armadillo is a newer design, first built in 2011. Lots of color choices are provided.

It uses faceted glass body beads and is highly reflective on sunny days in clear waters. Fish notice and chase these glass spinners. Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Glass Armadillos use #5 Fluted Indiana blades. Friction discs protect the glass beads and contact the fluted blades during rotation, causing noise and vibration. Check the underside of the blade after a period of use, and you'll notice the contact wear lines match the disc spacing, regardless of no contact at rest.

These spinners catch all species of trout, and any fish that strikes spinners.

You can listen to the sound differences between Glass and Metal Armadillos on the Noise page. Scroll down to find the Glass Armadillo.

Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Glass Armadillo fishing spinner Beaver Pond Colorado Cutthroat caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/5oz Glass Armadillo

1/8oz June Bug Transformer fishing spinner

The 1/8oz June Bug Transformer is new this year and off to an impressive start. The June Bug blade has been around along time, but the transformer is the first Fish Creek Spinner model to use it.

June Bug blades don't use a clevis, they thread on the wire similar to an Inline blade, except this blade has two points of contact on the stainless wire. The perpendicular brace provides a unique fixed angle of rotation, allowing the blade to rotate at very slow retrieval speeds.

Another interesting development on this model is the zonker banded hook. This is also a new discovery this year. The model's called a Transformer because the hooks are attached with a slip R bend that seats inside the big tail bead. This connection method allows hook colors and types to be changed or replaced.

We've gotten a ton of email positive feedback on the model's performance, it's slow retrieval speeds and the zonker banded hooks, but we still some need more pictures!

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz June Bug Transformer Fishing spinner Largemouth Bass caught on Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Junebug Transformer

1/8oz Glow fishing spinner

The 1/8oz Glow spinner has a #3 glow indiana blade, glow body cylinders, and a large glow tail bead.

The glow components heat up great with a black light flashlight for night fishing.

Doing any night fishing in familiar waters, you ought to try a couple of these!

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glow fishing spinner Need a Fish Picture for the Glow Spinners

1/8oz Glass Armadillo multi-species fishing spinner

The 1/8oz Glass Armadillo is our most popular and most sold fishing spinner.

The Armadillo comes in three primary components; Glass, Metal, and Plastic. Plastics are used in certain models for fluorescent and glow properties.

Each of the primaries have models in a variety of weights: 1/10oz, 1/8oz, 1/5oz, and 1/4oz. Large Armadillos in the Muskie/Pike species range from 2/3oz to 3oz.

Armadillos are unique, using the friction disc spaces to protect the beads and also collide with the blade. The Spinner Noise page has several Armadillo recordings for the various types and sizes. This spinner is unique and comes highly recommended for all fish that chase spinners.

I recommend the Armadillo design, if you haven't tried them, I hope you consider giving some a try in your favorite waters. Our brand recognition depends on your buying decisions and increases cast by cast, thanks to your support!

Fish Creek Spinners 1/8oz Glass Armadillo fishing spinner Nice New Mexico Rainbow caught on FCS Glass Armadillo

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