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Spinnerbaits - Musky, Pike, Trout, Bass

Fishing spinnerbaits for Trout, Muskie, Pike, and Bass.

New Special Edition skirted Spinnerbaits!

Green zonker skirted Trout Bass Pike Musky Spinnerbait

  You have to have one of these babies! Just in time for the holidays, these 7/10oz Special Editions are a unique new spinnerbait with a 3D prism eye on the blade wire.

The eyes are lacquered to a large fire-polished flat glass bead and the zonker skirt completes the desing, hiding a variety of hook choices.

Use these spinnerbaits on large Trout, Pike, Bass, and Muskie. Great gifts or give one a home in your tackle.

Pourvoirie Lac Parent Lodge, Quebec - 14# Pike on F433 Orange 1oz Zonker skirted spinnerbait

Canada Pike caught on Fish Creek Spinners Orange Zonker Spinnerbait

New Mexico Pike like the 1oz Zonker skirted spinnerbaits

New Mexico Pike caught on Fish Creek Spinners Red Zonker Spinnerbait

New Mexico Pike caught on Zonker Spinnerbait

These pictures will help to get a sense of our products, but to really appreciate their craftsmanship and effectiveness, you'll need to get some in your hands and on your trout and salmon fishing lines!

Try some FCS your next trout fishing trip and see for yourself!

Many of the familiar inline spinners have 6 to 8 components; the FCS Armadillo has fourteen (14) components and the Paddlefish has eighteen (18). Thats a significant difference. As a result, FCS spinners are noisier on the line. The added components wobble and vibrate as the blade rotates and collides around them when the spinner is retrieved or trolled during your trout fishing adventures.

More components = different noise on the line = More fish attraction!           

Brown Trout caught on Fish Creek Spinners ArmadilloTrout 'are' getting smarter and the familiar mass marketed spinner that they have seen hundreds of times in their life, doesn't work as well as it once did. Larger fish are likely to have been caught and released many times in a season and its been observed they don't budge when the same familiar lure cruises by, several times a day. Fish are bored and getting older because we catch and release them. FCS spinners tip their scales back in our favor; a different and noisy alternative to employ during your next fishing adventure!

The FCS presence expands cast by cast thanks to your purchases and reorders! Take Fish Creek Spinners on your next fishing adventure and put some Noise on the Line!

Become a Fish Creek Spinners customer! Enjoy your visit, bookmark our site and come back soon!

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