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Fish Creek Spinners Trout and Salmon fishing

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Trout / Salmon
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Brook TroutCutthroat Trout
Fish Creek Spinners Brook Trout Fish Creek Spinners Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout Brown Trout
Fish Creek Spinners Rainbow Trout Fish Creek Spinners Pennsylvania Brown Trout

Fish Creek Spinners stocks a complete range of Trout and Salmon fishing spinner models in a variety of weights, sizes, models, colors, and blade styles.

Models range in weights from the ultralite 1/30oz Fire Fly for Brook and Cutthroat trout in streams and beaver ponds, to the heavy 1oz Zonker Spinnerbaits and Dinnerbell Squid for fishing rainbow trout in fast white water chutes or Tidal Salmon, Sea-Trout and Steelhead in Western rivers and Great Lakes tributaries.

The trout in the grid to the right were caught in Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, and Denmark. Anglers like you, fishing Fish Creek Spinners in rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams.

Our presence continues to grow, starting with your purchase choices and ultimately, cast by cast in your favorite waters.

Thanks for your support and purchase choices!

Web store Spinners are organized into Categories by Size or Type, with navigation choices on the left. Spinner detail items provide color and blade style choices. Click on small images to expand and select a spinner. Depending on model description, you may need to scroll down to locate the Add to Cart and option dropdowns. Click a few and get comfortable, there's lots of FCS fishing bling to look at!

Enjoy looking around, bookmark our site, and come back soon.

Trout fishing spinners

There are many types of trout species and depending on your location some may be more prevalent then others. Fish Creek Spinners trout spinners have caught most trout species in favorite waters around the globe. In Colorado, we catch Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Lake Trout, and Brook Trout in ponds, streams, rivers, lakes and Mountain snow melt fed reservoirs.

Here's a few pictures of my favorite Trout Spinners. I like them all, but tend to fish the Blacks, Reds and Oranges with gold or brass blades.

1/12oz Nitromite
1/8oz Glass Armadillo
1/8oz June Bug
1/5oz Glass Armadillo
1/5oz Metal Armadillo
1/4oz Angle Iron
Fish Creek Spinners Nitromite trout fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Glass Armadillo trout fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners June Bug Transformer trout fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Glass Armadillo trout fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Metal Armadillo trout fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Angle Iron trout fishing spinner

Fish Creek Spinners Salmon Fishing Spinners

The spinners at the top of the medium category and bottom of the Large Category, are producing for Salmon on the Coasts and Great Lakes regions.

Anglers fish 1/4oz and 3/8oz Fish Creek Spinners in rivers or off seawalls. Larger heavier models are available, call and leave a message for options, I'll call you back. SPAMers latch on to every business phone number and use burner cells from everywhere.

1/4oz Glass Armadillo
1/3oz Metal Armadillo
Fish Creek Spinners Glass Armadill Salmon fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Metal Armadillo Salmon fishing spinner

Fish Creek Spinners producing on Salmon this fall
Fish Creek Spinners Coho Salmon on 1/3oz Metal Armadillo Fish Creek Spinners Green and Gold Metal Armadillo
Fish Creek Spinners Chum Salmon on Steelhead Armadillo Fish Creek Spinners Dinnerbell Salmon fishing spinner
Fish Creek Spinners Chum Salmon on Steelhead Armadillo Fish Creek Spinners Green and Gold Steelhead Armadillo

Here's a table listing Spinner model specifications

Ultralite Weights
Wt ozModelLengthSKUsOptions
Fish Creek Spinners Nitromite fishing spinner1/12Nitromite2 1/4in26Faceted Glass or Plastic beads
Fish Creek Spinners Small Armadillo fishing spinner1/10Small Armadillo2 1/4in33Colorado and French Blades - Metal or Plastic body - Glass tail bead
Fish Creek Spinners Propeller Fire Ant fishing spinner1/10Fire Ants2 1/4in10Variety of Propeller colors
Fish Creek Spinners Double Blade Hot Rod fishing spinner1/10Hot Rods2 1/2in18Double Blades - Gold, Silver, Black or Green
Fish Creek Spinners Propeller Quad Prop fishing spinner*New*1/10Quad Props3 1/2in32Four Propellers - Gold or Silver blades; 16 colors

Medium Weights
Wt ozModelLengthSKUsOptions
1/8Glass Armadillos2 5/8in27Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/8Glow Armadillo2 1/4in4Glow White Blade and 4 Glow tube colors
*New*1/8June Bugs4 in189 colors faceted glass; Zonker dressed trebles
1/5Metal Armadillos2 1/2in19Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/51/5oz Glass Armadillos2 3/4in27Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades
1/4Angle Iron2 1/4in29Gold, Brass, Silver or Black Inline Blades
1/4Glass Steelhead4in24Ridged Indiana and Swing Blades
1/3Lg Metal Armadillo3.5in16Ridged, Indiana and Swing Blades

Fish Creek Trout Assortments
Fish Creek Spinners Trout Assortment 1 Fish Creek Spinners Quick Pick Product Assortment 2

New Spinnerbait design for Trout and Salmon in fast chutes

Skirted Trout Bass Pike Musky Spinnerbait

You have to have one of these babies! Just in time for the 2011 season, these 1oz Spinnerbaits are a unique spinnerbait design. Ball bearing snap swivels for blade changes and fewer weed clogs. 3D prism eyes and tied zonker skirts for a realistic and fluid bait fish imitation.

The eyes are lacquered to a large fire-polished flat glass bead and cause added noise and vibration.

Use this spinnerbait on large Trout, Pike, Bass, and Muskie. Great gifts or give one a home in your tackle.

Our spinners are reflective and noisy. We use faceted glass for its reflective properties and protect the glass with metal components. The metal and glass components interact during the spinners rotation creating noise and vibration that causes fish to chase and strike the spinner.

Fish Creek Spinners Noise on the Line

Depending on your fishing preferences and methods, various FCS fishing spinner designs and models will work better then others. Your fishing tackle preferences, line test and tackle capabilities should influence your choices.

Enjoy your fishing Adventures and Respect the Outdoors!

Noise on the Line!

Ultralite fishing spinners
Medium weight
fishing spinners
Large fishing spinners
1/12oz Nitromites
1/8oz Glass Armadillos
1/3oz Metal Armadillo
1oz Zonker Spinnerbaits
Fish Creek Spinners Crappie fishing spinnerFish Creek Spinners Glass Armadillo trout spinnerFish Creek Spinners Trout Spinner Fish Creek Spinners Zonker Spinnerbait
1/10oz Sm Armadillos
1/5oz Metal Armadillos
1oz Musky Spinner
2oz Starflash Skirted Spinnerbaits
Fish Creek Spinners Stream fishing spinnerFish Creek Spinners Trout fishing spinnerFish Creek Spinners Hula Spinner