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Fish Creek Spinners Walleye and Perch fishing

Fish Creek Spinners South Dakota Walleye on Bullseye Bait Rig Fish Creek Spinners Wisconsin Walleye on Double Prop Spinner

In 2012, we started tying clinch knots, modified clinch knots to be precise on 15# test Monofiliment Silver Thread.

Walleye Bait rigs, lots of them. Several new designs and bait rig styles. We have Circle Hooks, Mustad Slow Death twirlers, and hooks in a variety of sizes and colors, all suitable as bait hooks for hauling crawlers and minnows while trolling or drifting.

The Walleye Spinners range from 1/8oz Glass Armadillo's (with Swing blades) rigged with bait rigs (my favorite), to Single and Double propeller designs. Of these, my favorite is the Bullseye Bait Rig. This one has a large flat glass bead fitted with Prism eyes and then lacquered with clear Spar varnish. The eye gives the propeller rig a sweet Bait fish fishy look.

The spinner components are strung on stainless wire, rather then mono. This creates a 'lot' of propeller noise and vibration during rotation - A game changer in the traditional Walleye rig space. Large Walleyes, even Northerns, take notice and interest in these noisy rigs.

Depending on model, the propeller spinners have a 4ft #20 mono leader. Those with Mustad Slow Death hooks have a trailer crane swivel behind the spinner and a 10 inch length of #15 Silver Thread trailer, to get the Crawler spinning. Knots, lots of knots!

Fish Creek Spinner Trolling Rigs

Here are some pictures of the new walleye rigs - Bait rig leaders are strung on 20# mono with Aberdeen, Circle or Slow Death hooks. Noisy propeller spinners, some with Prism Eyes. All for trolling walleyes, northerns and perch in lakes and reservoirs.

Fish Creek Spinners Aqua Prop Walleye Rig w/Slow Death Hooks Fish Creek Spinners White and Silver Walleye w/4ft 20# leader and Slow Death hook
Fish Creek Spinners Prop Darts w/Slow Death Hooks Fish Creek Spinners Aqua and Silver Prop Dart w/4ft 20# leader and Slow Death hook
Fish Creek Double Prop Crawler Rig Fish Creek Spinners Double Prop Walleye Rig
Fish Creek Spinners Walleye two propeller fishing spinner Fish Creek Spinners Walleye black Armadillo
Fish Creek Spinners Walleye four propeller fishing spinning Fish Creek Spinners Walleye orange Armadillo

These eyes will catch the attention of feeding fish. Their noisy props and clacker style metal and glass bodies with fish attracting prism eyes will bring em over. Bait them, scent them if they have zonker trailers, and troll them.

We need Walleye fishermen - Free spinners for Walleye pictures

South Dakota Walleye's - Lake Oahe - Worm Bling Propellers and new Bullseyes!

Nice Walleye - caught trolling on Lake Oahu on a Fish Creek Spinners walleye rig
South Dakota Walleye fishing South Dakota Walleye caught on Fish Creek Spinners

Wisconsin Walleye's - Lake Winnebago - Worm Prop Propellers!

Wisconsin Lake Winnebago walleye caught on Fish Creek Spinners walleye rig

Minnesota Walleye's - Enjoy the spinners Jeff!

Ice fishing with Fish Creek Spinners in Lake of the Woods

Become a Fish Creek Spinners customer! Enjoy your visit, bookmark our site and come back soon!

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