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Fish Creek Spinners Wholesale page

The 2015 Pricelist and a color model chart is available

Call or email if you're interested

Great pricing, these wholesale assortments are the same spinners seen in the store, but offered for resale to a growing customer set around the globe.

Mixed Assortment of medium FCS spinners in a custom wooden display; Armadillo, Nitromites, Hot Rods and Angle Irons. Weights 1/12oz - 1/4oz.

FCS assortment in custom wood Display
 Go to Shop for Spinners Home page to view available models

Clear Clamshell containers have UPC on side and Fnnn color variation id on back..

FCS spinners in Rack mount clamshell containters with UPC
Go to Shop for Spinners Home page to view available models

Spinners can be ordered by SKU and variation or in Assortments containing a variety of our models in various colors, weights and blade configurations, and packaged in reusable plastic 'Pocket Tackle' containers. Spinners are selected based on our marketing experience and customer feedback on proven favorites.

Call us at 303-949-9174 to obtain 2015 wholesale prices

For wholesale purchase, please call or email us to request a pricelist - specify whether spinners will be displayed using our wooden displays or for rack mounting with the custom card and UPC codes.
mobile phone: (303) 949-9174

'Spinners for Sales Leads' Program

We're always interested in finding new retail locations around the world to stock FCS products. If you're interested in retailing FCS in your local area, own a tackleshop or have a friend that does, let us know!

Send an email with your feedback and any specifics to .

Your lead will be recorded and if it results in a new FCS customer location getting setup, I'll return the favor and send you an FCS care package of some free spinners in your mailbox!

Visit the navigation links on the left and if you can have questions or comments please contact us by e-mail at address: