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Fish Creek Spinner underwater sound recordings

Recordings are adjacent to the spinners at the bottome of each spinners Detail page in the 'Shop for Spinners' web store

To listen to the sounds, Click and hold the knob on the slider and slide it to the right to activate your speakers.. The Slider bar is the small line located to the right of the three colored 'On/Off' control buttons. Use the red square control to turn recordings off and the triangle to turn them on, once the slider volume is positioned.

One more thing, these are recording loops. You'll notice the repeating pattern at about a 4 second interval, this was done to reduce file sizes and improve flash file load times.

All the spinners stacked on this page, have their volume control slid to the left (top center in each block) to avoid them competing with each other. After hearing a few, you can Refresh the browser page to silence them or manually turn them all on to listen to the rain storm!

Swing blade 1/8oz Glass Armadillo Three models (F102, F117, and F122). Chattering noise profile caused by the blade. Swing blades spin faster and closer to the body, colliding and causing friction against the wobbler discs.

This Armadillo spinner should be in everyones tacklebox. It gets the attention of trout, bass, perch, crappie and every fish that notices and strikes at spinners.

Each spinner model has a unique blade and body configuration with it's own underwater sounds. Sounds get amplified and transmitted by underwater currents and aggressive fish take notice. Take a few minutes to listen and imagine.

Propeller 1/10oz FireAnt - I was surprised by the level of vibration and noise transmitted by the two small propellers.

The propellers really cause quite a stir as they spin around the wire shaft, far more then I imagined. You can expect to see more larger FCS propeller models in the near future.

1/8oz Glass Armadillo with Ridged Indiana blade. This popular spinner model is our 2009 MVP.

The ridged blades noise profile is softer then I expected and a surprise that fish notice.

Inline blade 1/4oz AngleIron - This spinner purrs like the cat.

Reminds me of the 283 in my 65 chevy pickup.

Double Blade 1/10oz HotRod - The willow blade interferes with the swing blade's rotation.

The double blade interference results in an irratic noise, as well as motion profile. I started to hear patterns after listening to them a few times. One thing that stood out for me was that those spinners with glass or plastic, but missing the metal wobbler discs, tended to gurgle and purr with a softer more muted sound.

Ridged Indiana 1/5oz Metal Armadillo - No glass on this one. Listen and you'll notice the contrast. The metal armadillo has a sharper, more metallic chatter.

A heavier spinner, with more friction, grinding the ridged indiana blade up against the wobbler discs.

Ultralite 1/12oz NitroMite - Ultralite with a more traditional sound signature.

No glass, no wobbler discs. Noise is caused by clevis rotation without much blade collision.

Colorado blade 1/10oz Small Armadillo - The Colorado blade spins wider and slower, but wobbler disc noise is still apparent.

Give it a tug once in a while to get the Colorado click!

Super Willow 1/3oz Metal Armadillo - Extreme Metallic chatter.

This heavy spinner will bring new sounds to deeper water.

Give us a try and put some FCS Noise on your Line.

Visit Cold Gold microphones for other underwater recordings.

If you can have questions or comments please contact us by e-mail at address: